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What is this all about?

CAP4CITY is a project conducted in accordance with the European Commission rules, with the company of 12 Universities in Latin America and Europe of 8 countries: Austria, Estonia, the Netherlands, Poland, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Argentina. Conforming the CAP4CITY consortium. It has a duration of 3 years.

The main aim will be to help public and social actors to the different cities articulated to the project. Governance, urbanism, energy, the use of ICT, mobility, urban planning and the role of citizens are among the research topics.


On the other hand, the specific aims of this project are:

The nature of this project is the intermultidisciplinarity, for this reason there are experts in Business Administration, Computer Science, Engineering, Architecture and Urbanism, Urban Planning, Political Science, among others. In the Education sector is important Highlight the training, research and analysis are all core businesses of the academic institutions.

The methodology of this project consist in 35 sections, which ones are directionated in 7 principal topics like focalization, risks, data protection and confidentiality, address document manager, strategy, dissemination activities, and administrative. During the 3 years will have an annual Consortium Meetings, furthermore the will also meet meet face-to-face at least once year.

The first year the meeting will be in Krems, Austria and the aim will be to share issues related to the project like: assessment of achievements, challenges, tackled risks, lessons learnt, and future plans. All this will be documented in a report, which one included major outcomes of the meeting.

After, in the second year the meeting will be celebrated in south America with a local partner. Here the principal aim will be discussing the strategy for the Implementation phase. It concurs with the delivery of the Seminars. And the last year the meeting to close will be in Bogotá, Colombia. This year is to explain and discuss with partners issues related to the project – assessment of achievements, challenges, tackled risks, lessons learnt and sustainability plans, and close the project (M34). It important to say that the three meeting are consigned, each one in a document. 

As a result of this consortium will arise the democratization of the education 

through of free virtual education with Moocs, also knew like free virtual curses, dictates by the universities, in this case, it is about New Technology, governance, society and all things that are related with Smart Sustainable Cities to improve the quality of live in a specific place.


The compromise of CAP4CITY Consortion is training profesionals of diferents branches to archie lider profesionals, which ones could work in the construction of advanced countries for make life easier for citizens with the impulse of the economy, education, mobility and new technology ventures and business that to be guaranty of Smart Sustainable Cities.


It is a bet of the European Union to has the convergence of the Public, Private and Education Sectors to achieve propositive societies, where the proposals of employability, education, mobility and entrepreneurship units in general, must emerge from citizenship. It purports to be the start of the futuristic vision that has landed new government policies, the new economy and dynamics of technologically organized societies.