Transforming Latin America cities through knowledge and education

Capacity for Smart Sustainable Cities

Transforming Latin America cities through knowledge and education​

Capacity for Smart Sustainable Cities

COLOMBIA, the course “Smart Cities: an exploration from knowledge management” was developed at Escuela Colombiana de Ingeniería Julio Garavito, by Elsa Estévez from Universidad de la Plata; both partners form CAP4CITY Proyect. Read More

ARGENTINA, You can participate in the new series of Seminars organized by 3 Erasmus Projects: Ascent, CAP4CITY and NEON. Read More

CAP4CITY PROJECT, Four editions of the seminars on developing SSC-related courses for online delivery via the MOOC platform have been delivered  in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia. Read More

Thermodynamic Dissipative Systems and Information- Theory to Study the Social Component of a Smart City

In this article, we discuss the application of information theory and the theory of thermodynamic dissipative systems to smart cities. Specifically, we study how to model the interaction between a society and a smart city, under an information-theoretic approach. Read More 

Interdisciplinary in Smart Sistainable City Education: Exploring Educational Offerings and Competencies Worldwide

Interdisciplinary teaching and learning that integrates the issues of sustainability, smartness and urbanization is imperative for any SSC workforce. This paper adds to existing literature the analysis of interdisciplinary in the current SSC education programs. Read More