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Development of Sustainable Smart Cities - A Case Study Implemented by the Municipality of Vicente López

Sonia Rueda, Elsa Estevez, Pablo Fillottrani - Department of Computer Science and Engineering Universidad Nacional del Sur, Bahía Blanca, Argentina

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Abstract- This work presents a case study of a smart city initiative developed by the Municipality of Vicente López. The documentation of the case study was carried out within the framework of the CAP4CITY Project that seeks to develop governance capacities for sustainable smart cities in Latin America. Definitions of smart cities and the dimensions to analyze are presented as a conceptual framework for the research. The most important characteristics of the project are summarized and details of the case study are explained. The contribution of this work focuses on the documentation of a case study related to a smart city initiative in Argentina and on summarizing some lessons learned from the case analyzed.

Key words: Sustainable Smart Cities; Digital Governance, Human Capacity Building; Education Programs.

Presentation at Argentinean Conference on Computing, Río Cuarto, Argentina, October 16, 2019