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Poster presentation: Discussing the Twofold Role of Government - Provider and User - in the Open Government Data Ecosystem

Full publication details: Mesquita, M. A., Luciano, E. M., Lübeck, R. M., & Wiedenhöft, G. C. (2019). Discussing the Twofold Role of Government-Provider and User-in the Open Government Data Ecosystem.

In Proceedings of the EGOV-CeDEM-ePart 2019, 233.​​

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Abstract- Edimara M. Luciano, CAP4CITY project leader at PUCRS presented the research aims to discuss the role of government in the open government data (OGD) ecosystem as either provider or user. Data collection was performed through a systematic literature review on ninety-four papers and a case study. Interviews, document analysis, and observation were used to study the case of the Government Agency for Law Enforcement and Prosecution of Crimes of one of the Brazilian states. The systematic literature review demonstrated that the use of OGD for government is incipient and, the self motivation of public employees can improve the OGD use.