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J. Murcia, S. Moreno, D. Díaz López, and F. Gómez Mármol. C3-Sex: a Chatbot to Chase Cyber perverts. The 4th IEEE Cyber Science and Technology Congress. Main track: Infrastructures for Smart City/Country, cybersecurity, privacy & trust. Fukuoka, Japan, 2019. Leia mais

A. Pardo, F. Ardila, D. Díaz López, and F. Gómez Mármol. BSIEM-IoT: A Blockchain-based and Distributed SIEM for the Internet of Things. 17th International Conference on Applied Cryptography and Network Security (ACNS). 1st International Workshop on Application Intelligence and Blockchain Security (AIBlock). Bogota, Colombia. 2019. Leia mais 

P. Nespoli, D. Useche Pelaez, D. Díaz López, and F. Gómez Mármol, COSMOS: Collaborative, Seamless and Adaptive Sentinel for the Internet of Things, Journal Sensors, vol. 19, no. 7, 2019. (Q2). Leia mais 

ICT improve the performance of public administration processes, the companies and the funtioning of the city systems, and until now, they have managed to change the minds of citizens and the processes of companies, so that both adopt responsible and rational behaviors with the consumption of natural resources. 

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The concept of intelligent city is generating reflections on issues that until now were not a priority for local actors. The notion of intelligent city questions us about how we have planned the operation of the municipalities, provinces and regions; managed the inputs, goods and natural resources linked to the logistic and expulsion chains of the territory, and how we have integrated innovation to solve local problems.

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