First Master's Degree in Smart Cities in Latin America

A program of the Observatory of Society, Government and Information Technologies of the Universidad Externado de Colombia

Challenges such as climate change, environmental deterioration and health emergencies will only be solved with the leadership of actors prepared to solve city problems through territorial innovation and the technologies of the fourth industrial revolution.

On February 3th, the first Master’s Degree in Smart Cities was launched in Bogotá Colombia.

The Master in Smart Cities promotes, with an interdisciplinary approach, the design and development of spaces for territorial and urban innovation, which integrate the five intelligences of the territory: nature, urban, citizen, market and technology, to serve as a platform for the solution of the problems of municipalities, districts, metropolitan areas, departments and regions, and in which citizens, academia, government entities and companies participate, to promote processes of innovation, intelligence and territorial sustainability with a focus on both top -down as bottom-up.

These innovation spaces will solve city problems among others in areas such as the environment, urban planning and management, mobility, public services (water, sewage, electricity and gas), telecommunications, energy efficiency, air quality, noise pollution, airspace. , employment, health and education.

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Graduate profile:

  • We will study the trends and public policies related to the current transformations of the territories and cities: population growth, urban density, climate change and environmental deterioration.
  • We will develop capacities for the management of the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution: such as cognitive computing, internet of things, data analytics, artificial intelligence, distributed registry, robotics, among others and that are applicable to urban development, territorial planning and solving local problems.
  • We will train you in the planning of sustainable territorial ordering and development, the administration of urban systems and the generation of innovative public services based on the five intelligences of the territory: environmental, urban, citizen, market and technological.
  • We will learn about the legal trends related to urban law, sustainable development, public services and technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
  • We will strengthen the competencies for the creation of innovation ecosystems and effective relationships and networks between the State, companies and other social actors, for the construction of smart and sustainable territories and cities.

Additionally, the lines of research will focus on Territorial Innovation and Digital Entrepreneurship for Smart Cities.

Graduate profile:

The graduate of the Master in Smart Cities, whose training path is the deepening, will be able to integrate concepts and tools of Information and Communication Technologies and emerging technologies, data science, and the legal framework that regulates land use planning and smart cities, for the efficient management and leadership of the processes of territorial and urban transformation, from the perspective of sustainable development; establishing effective relations between the State, the Company and the Society; Through the development of the following basic competences structured in the four thematic axes of the program:

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