Ljubljana Forum 2019


Ljubljana Forum is an annual gathering that combines knowledge and experience of city governance and defines key areas, visions and strategies of the future development of cities. 

In 2019 Ljubljana Forum special attention will be given to Large Scale Infrastructure Projects and new emerging technologies in the process of digital transformation of Europe. Major of Ljubljana will host the meeting of the mayors of South East Europe capital cities.


* To offer a framework for cooperation, networking and learning among various stakeholders: political decision-makers, city leaders and city administration, investors, businesses, civil society, researchers, academics and students.

* To empower this network of stakeholders to create prosperous future of cities through researching, developing and implementing the best practices of urban development. 


Dr. Gabriela Viale Pereira, MSc.

Associate Researcher, Department for E-Governance and Administration, Danube University Krems and Coordinator of the CAP4CITY Project will be one of the speakers at the the event. 

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