12th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance (ICEGOV’19), Melbourne, Australia, April 2 2019


The CAP4CITY project was part of a pre-conference workshop at ICEGOV 2019! The Smart Cities and Smart Government Research-Practice (SCSGRP) Consortium was presented and we started roadmapping Smart Sustainable Cities research, practice and education, including the first results of our Erasmus+ CAP4CITY project!  

The project coordinator, Dr. Gabriela Viale Pereira (Danube University Krems) and Prof. Elsa Estevez (Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina) were organizers of the workshop and presented the status of Smart Sustainable Cities research, practice and education and state-of-art on Smart Sustainable Cities in Latin America.  

The objectives of the workshop were: 

  • Present and discuss current research frameworks and projects by members and potential members; 
  • Define a common understanding of the Smart Sustainable Cities area; 
  • Collectively work to define a research framework to support efforts to conduct comparative studies on Smart Sustainable Cities; 
  • Identify the gaps concerning missing knowledge on Smart Sustainable Cities. 


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